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Yurt Tree House Self Check In and Check Out


Yurt/Treehouse Self Check in and Out

To receive full refund of deposit, please respect our property: 


  • Two keys on tiger: 1) trap door and 2) bikes/hydrobikes 

Remember to follow path at back of deck through the property to the dirt road.

  • CROSS the road to our wooded lot on the river.
  • Walk through the middle of the lot, not along the neighbor's side.
  • Find the hydrobikes there, and be sure to lock them again there.
  • Cooking pots in first bin under deck facing road.
  • Replace propane canister with yours if you use mine for propane stove, found in second slot under deck.
  • Dishes, glasses, utensils in third slot under deck
  • Trash to start fires can be stored in fourth bin.
  • Recyclables you will carry away can be stored in bin with trash bag. Be sure to carry your trash away.
  • 5 gallons of potable water provided in outhouse
  • Keep rain barrel for dish washing water covered.
  • Do NOT dump rain barrel.
  • Anti raccoon cage has dish drainr,  storage
  • Please, no shoes, food, or drinks upstairs
  • Be sure to lock land bikes, hydrobikes, and trap door before leaving. 
  • In case of sudden leaks, move bedding and place pot under drip.  Leaks are not expected.
  • Hide tiger and key where you to found it.
  • Build fires only in ring by yurt or beside river 
  • Do not break up cinderblocks or fire ring markers.  We like it the way it is.
  • Burn only dead wood found on the ground. Do not burn artistic wood.
  • Broom and mop  in corner to sweep upstairs and deck
  • Sweep outhouse.
  • Place your sheets or sleeping bags on top of my sheets, and leave all beds made and where you found them. Blankets are for family use.  If you use ours, replace them as you find them or lose deposit.
  • Dump your body waste in 50 gallon container behind outhouse.
  • We enjoy reading your comments recorded in the red book.
  • Be considerate of next guests, and leave the yurt as you find it.