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Tree house on the Santa Fe River



Yurt tree house on the Suwanne River



Manatee swimming in the Santa Fe River, Florida

Dogs and Manatees

Yurt Tree House Lodging on the Santa Fe River near High Springs, Florida


 Ira Beas Oasis: A Step Above Camping

Yurt tree house on the Santa Fe River"Camp" a step above in Club Florida's unique yurt. Club Florida is the proud owner of a yurt, built by Patrick McKann in 2004. The yurt sits on the edge of a deep quarry, which fills and drains along with the Santa Fe River's level. The yurt is nestled in the midst of acres of Gilchrist's County's woodlands, rising 14 feet in the midst of swaying trees. Step up to view life among the trees, and step above primitive camping in this protected, screened woods-hut.

A yurt is an indigenous Mongolian dwelling, as seen in the film The Weeping Camel, comparable to an America's Indian teepee. Environmental Statistician, Biologist, and carpenter, Patrick, with the help of his brother, neighbors, and his mother built our 20 sided, screened umbrella which opens as tree bows begin to taper in their last reach for the sky.

On the 16 x16 platform downstairs campers find a propane stove, cooking gear, chairs and a table. Use dead wood on the ground when campfires are permitted.  Nearby is the outhouse with composting toilet and sink.  No running water nor electricity is on property.  A 50 gallon barrel collects rain for clean up.

When the Santa Fe River floods, our quarry fills.                                                                                                                                 

Climb the stairs to pop open the yurt door, rising to a leaf-green painted floor, easy to clean. Fourteen foot floor-to-ceiling screens and the umbrella top protect from insects and rain, while allowing you to meditate and sleep in cool ambient air. A translucent dome covering the circular rooftop emits moon and star light or the shadow of an owl or hawk who flies through the ever-turning night.

Inside the top floor find a queen size futon ready for the bed sheets or sleeping bags you bring.  Three folding chairs and a small table complete the simple, functional furnishings.  On a shelf find three single sleeping mats.

You can access the yurt by land, after a drive through rural Gilchrist County. Once your full payment is received, Virginia sends you directions to the yurt and to the hidden key.  Or, you may access the property via boat to our river lot adjoining  our inland property.  Two hydrobikes await guests use at no extra charge. The yurt is a 25 minute paddle/peddle upriver from the Ichetucknee confluence. We have marked trails through the Suwannee River Management Lands, for hiking to the Ichetucknee River. On these lands you are guaranteed to scare up the resident turkey flock, who fly like W.W.II bombers back and forth across the river to feed in the woods and nest in the trees. Take our cleared path through our expanse of untouched acres to our river lot to enter the river for swimming or boating. A community boat ramp is close by to launch your own boat. Jet skis are not welcomed.

Hiking trails, Hydro Bikes, and canoe available.

Suwanee River, High Springs, FloridaWatch deer dash through the quarry while owls alternate their mating calls through the silence of pristine lands. The Yurt lies a short distance from four miles of Ft. White Tortoise Mitigation Lands, where gopher tortoises dig their retreats and other wildlife take refuge. These seldom used public lands provide paths along the Santa Fe River near Ira Bea's private community, and we can guide you to interesting features such as the Sunshine Spring or the Black Pool.

Club Florida offers you a unique experience a step above. Indigenous Indians may not have camped as luxuriously as you will in our elevated, cushioned treehouse. Find here a complete diversion from life in the urban communities of the 21st century.

Ira Beas Oasis yurt has provided couples and families a haven from city life, cell phones, and the Internet since 2010.  


What we have at the Yurt:

  • 16x16  lower deck
  • 5 chairs, side table on lower deck
  • 2 wire chairs/cushions near river
  • plexiglass dining table, 4 chairs
  • anti-raccoon cage on deck for food storage
  • 2 burner Coleman propane stove
  • coffee pot, 5 piece cooking kit
  • bowls, plates, cups, flatware for 4 people, kept upstairs
  • dishwashing tub, drainer
  • 50 gallon barrel with rain water for dishwashing
  • double sink for dishwashing
  • 5 gallon unlocked cooler w/o ice

  • 16 x 16 elevated 11 feet in trees, screened,  sleeping yurt
  • Queen futon matress w/plastic cover
  • 3 2" foam sleeping mats stored
  • outhouse w/ sink
  • composting toilet
  • fire ring with grate
  • burn only dead limbs found on the ground
  • do not burn mossy, aesthetic logs

Boats on our private river lot

  • complimentary use of  2 hydrobikes and one canoe
  • Ft. White Mitigation Lands Boat Ramp to launch canoes, kayaks (1 mile)
  • Ira-Bea’s Boat Ramp (.4 mile)

You should bring:

  • Bug spray
  • Light: Flashlights, lanterns
  • Matches 
  • Water
  • Propane for Coleman stove  
  • Sleeping bags or sheets
  • Toilet Paper
  • Ice
  • All groceries (nearest convenience store is 15 miles; nearest grocery, 20 miles)
  • Avoid burning candles, especially upstairs.  Citronella in bucket downstairs is OK.


  • Please do not park beyond the logs blocking driveway
  • Distance is about 100 feet from parking to yurt


Phone or text  me at 352 275 3833 to determine available dates; or click "contact me" ( on the website to check availability.  I prefer not to use a website calendar.  

Your providing more than one date for your stay offers a better chance of being booked.


The yurt is most desirable for couples.  The queen bed, rug create a comfortable setting for two. 

Four adults can be accommodated with two single mats  stored in a  rack upstairs. Please replace them as you find them. .  The yurt is one open room with no privacy for two couples.

A family of two adults and up to four small children can be accommodated.

The ladder to the upper deck holds only 250 pounds.  Only one person on the ladder @ a time is safe.

Supervise children on ladder; do not leave children alone upstairs.

For your comfort and safety, the maximum weight upstairs is not more than six 180 pound people.   

Others may pitch a tent beside the yurt or elsewhere on the 4 acres, but each individual pays a fee.


$200 per couple for two nights; two nights are preferred.

$50 per adult per night: you bring water, light, sheets or sleeping bags

$125 minimum: Single night stays, 2 campers.  We reserve the right to exclude single night stays on popular and holiday weekends.

$100 per night for single camper.

$30 per child under 12 per night.

+ $50 refundable deposit

Deposit and Reservations

Only full payment reserves your dates.  No reservation is complete without your agreeing/signing the Disclaimer.

Copy and paste the Disclaimer into an email, agreeing to it.

The prefered method of payment is Paypal, next is  Goole Wallet. Google Wallet requires a few steps and days to enroll, but it is completely free and safe.  Ask for more information from Virginia.

Paypal is efficient as well, but a 3% fee is subtracted from your deposit for use of Paypal.

Send payment to  It is easy to return your deposit via Internet.

 No credit cards are accepted. 

No-shows will not be refunded.

After you have a pleasant stay at the yurt, I want to return your deposit. I will ask you to use you cell phone to take photos of clean up, so the yurt/treehouse can be ready for others to use as soon as you leave.  Thank you for leaving the yurt as you find it!

When you do these things, you are leaving the yurt the way you find it.  Thank you so very much for your cooperation.

We love your comments in the red book upstairs.


Refunds are given if a hurricane, tornado, flood, or extreme long-term freeze occurs unexpectedly on your dates. 

No refunds are given for rainy, hot, or cold weather or failure to cancel your reservations with one week notice.

No refunds are given when you see ticks, mosquitoes, roaches, spiders, chirping insects, wildlife or if the woods experience is not what you envisioned. If you leave before your paid time expires, we are sorry we cannot refund your money.  Others are waiting to enjoy the treehouse experience.

Check in at least 2 hours before sunset; check out 12 noon; check in is 2 PM, unless by special arrangement.  It is easy to become lost in the woods on the lime rock roads and lanes in the dark.  Also, with only your car headlights and light you bring, it is difficult to set up in the dark.  For your convenience, arrive in daylight.

Click here for Instructions for Self Sign In.  Click here to read the Disclaimer