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Winter Ambience on the Santa Fe River


The air is cooler than the water from November through February. When you awake, the Santa Fe and the Ichetucknee Rivers are iced in white mist. The mist looks like snow falling up into little twists. Intricate spider webs catch the mist.

Jump on a hydrobike in the mist or walk to the Ichetucknee Park, just a stone’s throw from the cabin. Stand on limerock platforms jutting into the river, bathed in warm golden sunlight. Proceed past limerock caves snuggled among snaking tree roots to the Confluence of the Ichetucknee and the Santa Fe Rivers. Mist swirls above the dark and clear waters. These two rivers join forces to flow to the Suwannee River several miles away.

Kayak or canoe from the Ichetucknee Headsprings past riots of yellow sunflowers and red Cardinal flowers, covered with butterflies. You will pass single Blue and Green Heron, flocks of White Ibis, Egrets, and ducks. Perhaps foraging beaver, otter, or deer will appear.

As the sun sets amid rosy, then silver skies, gather firewood. Enjoy the warmth of your flickering flames beside the river as the sky explodes in a range of oranges, pinks, purples, then silver. Who will be the first to notice the evening star rise above the river?

Snuggle among the down quilts and turn on the electric blanket to stay warm until the sun rises through the mist on yet another cool autumn or winter day.

Mist is on the River