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Hydro Bikes on the Santa Fe, Suwannee and Ichetucknee Rivers


The hydro-bike is a stable, sleek boat perfect for peddlers of all ages. Two kayak-like pontoons support a bicycle straddling the floats. Easy peddling turns a propeller at the rear of the bike, pushing the boat forward or backwards. Steering is via handlebars. The rider sits above the water, the perfect vantage point for viewing fish, otters, manatees, and beaver swimming in the clear waters of the Ichetucknee and Santa Fe Rivers.

With little exertion, riders can travel upstream along the sides of the rivers, gaining exercise as well as complete, pollution-free contact with the environment. Because the hydro-bike is virtually silent, turtles sunning on logs or a Heron stalking a fish do not flee as wildlife observers glide by. Hydro-bikes are excellent for fishing, as fishermen can see the fish beneath them. Only raucous teenagers have managed to tip these stable boats, suitable for anyone tall enough to ride an adult bicycle.

Peddle upstream to Virginia's "Upriver" properties, where you can observe her yurt, constructed adjacent to two extensive, forested public acreages of Tortoise Mitigation Lands, and Suwannee River Water Management trails excellent for birding.

Turn the bike and leisurely float downstream back to the Ichetucknee Confluence with the Santa Fe River, where brown tannic waters merge magically with the clear blue Ichetucknee.