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Club Florida Disclaimer


Please read and sign, submit with check for reservation, your agreement not to sue/blame me for the following conditions which are beyond my control: 

  • Virginia Seacrist is not liable for injuries, accidents, hazards inherent in your experience on her property.
  • You understand requirements for deposit return. 
  • You willingly accept responsibility for insect bites, poison leaves, thorny branches, dangers of swimming and boating, possible falls, climbing stairs, fires, and encounters with wild creatures, including other humans, or any other possible mishap.
  • Steps can be slippery. Attic ladder holds only 250 pounds. 
  • Crickets, frogs, and cicadas make sometimes loud noise at night.
  • Possible leaks may spring up in the yurt roof while you are present.  Roof is in tact, but damage can occur.
  • Alligators and sturgeon may live in the Santa Fe River.
  • Boats have no speed limits or enforced rules of courtesy.
  • Raccoon, deer, and other mammals inhabit the woods and may appear unexpectedly.
  • Snakes, spiders, roaches, mosquitoes, fire ants may be present.
  • Do not kill animals on my property.
  • You are responsible for fire safety. Ask if burn ban is in effect.  No fires during drought/burn bans.
  • Please, no shoes upstairs in the yurt or in the house.
  • Your dog is your responsibility. Leash laws apply here. Neighbors have used pepper spray on MY dog.
  • No pets are allowed upstairs in the yurt or in the upstairs house.
  • No jet skis are allowed without permission.
  • Be respectful of noise levels.
  • Your are responsible for damages to my property.
  • If you rent tubes, return them where you rented them.

Once you arrive at the treehouse or cabin, no refunds will be given if you are disappointed. 

Be sure you want to have this real Florida experience before sending your checks and this disclaimer.

We willingly share our unique properties to responsible guests and wish you to enjoy your experience.

Have fun and a safe visit,
Virginia Seacrist