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Comments from the Guest Book


"I wanted to be 100% surrounded and engulfed by nature; the outdoors is my passion.  Proving to myself that I can do this on my own.  I love this little place tucked away in the was just perfect...It is nice to meet people that love and respect nature as much as I." Lisa Palm Bay, FL 10/3/2010

"Hydrobiked to the Ichetucknee....Endured a wicked thunderstorm on night 2....We loved it Virginia.  Thank you for this beautiful resting place on 'the path.'  We will be back." Tracy and Carol 4/2011

" First I woul love to say thank you dear Virginia, for keeping nature and our childhood memories alive...It is so peaceful here.  I am a very spiritual person...I feel a spirit of an elderly woman present..." Patti and Mike 5/9/2011

"I brought my hubby here to surprise him.  It was a bit of a surprise for me too.  I loved it! Truly a retreat! This is different than a typical camping trip.  Having a bed in the trees is a great way to fall asleep.  I love how self-sustaining you've made it here." Danika        "My wife pulled me away for the weekend to surprise me with a yurt get away.  Ended up loving it.  Forced to slow down. Hydrobiking up and down the river was the highlight, besides a cuple nights by the fire enjoying the quiet clear nights.  We're trying to figure out if we can build a yurt 12' off the ground.  Greg 4/13-14/12

"Four college students...long weekend, looking for something fun, and we found it!  This was one of the best camping trips.  We went fishing, caught a fish, used hydrobike, played bocce, hiked, explored, ate hot dogs and smores, drank by the fire. Thank you for giving us a place to get away, look up at the stars and enjoy nature away from the stresses of school."  Elizabeth, Alicia, Matt, Logan 11/10/12

"My wife and I, and two boys 7 and 9 have tried for 2 years to get to this place.  Perfect 60s daytime with a major storm at night, dropping the temps to the low 30s.  Not sure if thats a kitty cat or a bobcat but he doesn't like hot dogs.  We had so much fun.  Thanks."  Rick 12/28/12

"I love it!  It was great to spend my bday here at the yurt!  The perfect way to escape reality and the rat-race of work.  We will be back soon."  Karlita 3/20/13

"My husband and I spent our 16th anniversary at the yurt.  We are excited to come back again with our children. Thank you for such an interesting and unique night away."  Jenn from Montgomery 1/3/14

"Great overnight.  Met Bill Smith who loaned us his canoe and paddles, took fotos; emailed them to share.  Met old man and old woman Eagle-chatted a bit.  Bill visited over campfire.  Nice people around, beautiful river, full moon, chilly down to 39 but no wind.  All is well--" Ty, Susie 1/17/14

"Nice romantic getaway.  Something about having the love of your life, nature, and a campfire just makes for a great first vacaton together.  We took a nice long canoe ride through some beautiful springs and the Santa Fe river.  Camping (birds and all), we could not ask for better camping.  Thank you so much Virginia.  We will most definitely be back again.  Sara, Tim  5/15/14

"We're having a great time here...You'll get used to the crickets by the second night!  If you want to bike and the tires are flat, there's a pump in the outhouse.  We've seen about 5 deer so far, big and small, and a few armadillo at night.  Hope you hear the owls at night.  We sprayed some RAID by the frame of the trap door, and it solved the spider situation...We brought our kayaks, so we paddled down and into the Ichedtucknee spring for about a mile up into it.  Beautiful time. We leave tomorrow morning after doing what we wanted: relaxing, exploring nature, away from the city. We leave with great memories."  Jose, Claire  7/20/14

"We had a great time staying in the yurt.   This area has a peacefulness to it that infects the soul and brings peace of mind. Amazing weekend!  Craig, Kate 10/12/14

"Dear World, it was wonderful coming to the yurt.  We came for Saturday and loved it.  Coming we didn't expect such a cool place, but it turned out to be one of our favorite trips.   The area was peaceful and design of the yurt blew us away.  Waking up in the yurt will be the best morning you'll ever have."  DC  11/9/14

"The yurt showed us autumn!  The sound of rain and the surrounding animals cradled me to sleep and gave me odd dreams.  It is lovely seeing all the leaves fall from up here.  A white bird startled by the ladder.  Fortifying and beautiful, an unforgettable memory already."  Ashley and Comer  12/18/14

"The Ortiz Family Adventure  We saw deer, racoons, squirrels, birds, awesome!  Neighbor a little loud but..hey..X-mas parties.  When all was settled in we proceeded to freeze!! dipped into the low 30s.  Thank goodness for the X-TRA blankets. Still no rain water, but we brought our own along with firewood CR 138 is crazy.  Now we plan to hike, try the hydrobikes, reg bike tires seem bad.  Thank you for this unique opportunity." Terri, Jorge, Justin, Jason Christmas 2014

"Thank you for creating such an awesome get away.  As two stressed medical students, we needed this weekend outdoors.  We enjoyed every bit of it!"  2/8/15

"We celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary here and it was so memorable!  We loved the sounds of the night, and our one year old daughtr woke up in the morning very astonished at her new surroundings!  We thank God for our marriage and this yurt meminded us of a Bible verse, found in the book of Song of Solomon Chapter 1 verses 15-17: "How beautiful you are, my darling, how beautiful you are!  Your eyes are like doves.  How handsome you are, my beloved, and so pleasant!  Indeed our couch is luxuriant!  The beams of our houses are cedars, our rafters, cypresses." Anonymous 2/28/15