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Quirks and Considerations


Instructions for Self Check In and Out

Santa Fe River’s First Historic Cabin

Welcome to Club Florida. I hope you will enjoy your stay at my family’s Historic Cabin on the Santa Fe River. Although these considerations may seem obvious, follow them to receive total refund of your security deposit.


  • I will notify you of location of hidden key if we make arrangements for you to use the house.
  • Your security deposit return depends on your consideration of our needs.


  • A little Corgi dog, Karl, may visit. Please be kind, but do not allow him inside.
  • Dogs must be on leash and under your control.
  • A dog pen is available.
  • We do not kill snakes. One very long non poisonous snake has been seen. S/he is afraid of you and will run away.
  • Burrowing animals live under the bottom front step and beside the hydrobike by the road. They are nocturnal.
  • The lawn is covered with native plants which bees and butterflies frequent.
  • Cardinals, finches, wrens, water fowl, owls, bats, hawks, hummingbirds frequent the property.
  • We often see manatees and otters. Manatees like to rub against you, but do not pursue them. Be careful with propellers.


  • Expect mosquitoes. Bring bug spray.
  • Expect roaches. Spiders spin and re-spin in hours. I spray and clean, but insects get in. Spray is available.
  • It’s an old house in Florida.


  • At bottom of both steps are basins of water. Please rinse soles of shoes or feet before climbing stairs.
  • Remove shoes and leave outside or just inside door. Shoes off inside reduces your time cleaning up.

Jet Tub and Water

  • Well water from taps is potable. However, Gainesville city water is provided for drinking. Find water on white shelf next to refrig upstairs and in water coolers up and down stairs.
  • Cool, clean rain water fills the jet tub. In summer, relax in cool rain water.
  • Water drains from roof through gutter pipe to barrel/garden.
  • Well water is hot or cold, but both have high rust contents. Rust in water is beneficial to you, but it can stain clothes if worn in hot tub.
  • If you drain tub or disconnect pipe draining into tub, please reconnected it.
  • Never turn on jets in tub until water has filled above jets.
  • All rooms but living room have sinks.
  • Hot water spigot in upstairs bathroom does not work.

Shutters and Blinds/ Ambient Air

  • All rooms have cross ventilation and fans.
  • The small air conditioner will not cool the entire unscreened old house. If you use it, close all doors of TV/library and sleep on the floor mats.
  • You are virtually invisible on porches, at night with light off for sure, so dropping blinds is really not necessary. But, there they are for your use.
  • Summer sun is hot; by day close shutters in bedroom. Note latches.
  • Shutters can be opened or closed surrounding jet tub. Enjoy starry nights.
  • Please latch shutters closed when you leave tub area.


  • It is common for electricity to be interrupted during storms.
  • At times, when many people are in the house, the circuits are stressed.
  • If a breaker cuts electricity off, find the box and turn it back on.
  • Breaker box: In living room, remove mirror over dining table. Open wooden door. Flip breaker switch. Notify me if problem persists.
  • Be careful not to have too many lights and appliances on simultaneously, upstairs and down. Conserve.

Toilets and Well Pump

  • Toilets and septic tank can easily handle four people, but when the house is full, the pipes and tank may have problems.
  • Do not let yellow mellow; flush each time. Pipes cannot handle big loads. If it does not flush, wait 30 minutes with lid down; try to flush again.
  • It is possible to use a bucket of water to make the toilet flush, but be careful.
  • Make showers brief and infrequent.
  • In the worst case, call me.
  • If the well pump continues to run, something is wrong. The pump will burn up if it runs. Flip the switch near upper right of the pump to turn it off. CALL ME IMMEDIATELY.
  • If I am not available by phone, do not turn pump back on. Call Sheffield’s Well Service; number is on well pump.
  • Failure to save pump will cause deposit to be used to repair it.

Staples and Refrigeration

  • Freezer space is not available. Bring ice if you like it.
  • I keep staples on hand in refrig and in kitchen cabinet. You may use my spices, sugar, flour, or condiments you forgot.
  • Studio apartment has small refrigerator; TV/library has smaller refrig; kitchen has old, large refrig with most of the space available.
  • You may use the coolers near refrigerator. Ice packs are in freezer for your use; please replace ice packs to freezer.

Noise: others’ and yours

  • Please keep music quiet, as neighbors are nearby.
  • Some neighbors may be noisy; feel free to ask them to be quiet, especially at night.
  • Living room TV is set to PBS, the only channel available…please, do not change it; TV in library has VCR/DVD player and is on correct channel for using them.
  • Available is eclectic selection of videos; few DVDs. Bring your own?
  • Brochures and books are for your use; please do not remove them.
  • Games and cards are on top shelf of bookcase in library. Enjoy.


  • Hang wet bathing suits on banisters or rack by hot tub.
  • Please do not sit on furniture in wet suits.
  • On riverside porch, blankets and sheets are on shelf beside futon.
  • Glass table on riverside porch is a bit unstable; do not lean on it.
  • Some of the dining chairs are frail; big people sit on big chairs?


  • Empty trash cans into blue, lidded container. Place at end of driveway if Sunday, with lid firmly locked on. Dogs dump trash cans.

For Family Use Only

  • If a door or cabinet is locked, please do not use. Prices are structured so that guests pay only for rooms they use.
  • Thank you for not opening clothing and china cabinet drawers.
  • Please do not burn my candles unless given permission.


  • Vacuum cleaner is beside living room buffet.
  • Broom and cleaning utensils are behind white shutters behind entry door in kitchen.
  • Please leave the house as you found it.
  • Please make beds and leave sheets on, if I provided sheets for you.


  • House does not need to be locked during the days or nights when you are guests, but when you leave, close and lock all doors. Owner may not return immediately.
  • Replace paddles, life jackets, boat cushions inside locked space before you leave.
  • Leave hydrobikes locked.
  • Turn off river light and all other lights.

If you leave my historic cabin as you found it, your entire deposit will be refunded.

In Case Of Emergency

CALL 352 378 6603 or my cell at 352 219 2995 IMMEDIATELY. THAT IS TOILETS OR WATER NOT WORKING. Leave a message; someone will return your call.