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Articles Lodging on the Santa Fe River, Alachua County, Florida


Entries for July 2013

Dark Ichetucknee Waters
Dark Ichetucknee Waters by Virginia Seacrist July 17, 2013 I pull the lawn mower out of the trailer before opening the house, having come to my H...
A Mouse in the Santa Fe River House ?
A Mouse in the House August 2012 by Virginia Seacrist “Eeek,” it's always the same reaction when anyone sees a mouse. How many cartoons show a fr...
Animal Encounters of the Best Kind on the Ichetucknee River
On the Ichetucknee River Animal Encounters of the Best Kind By Virginia Seacrist July 2013 As the river fills up from days and nights of July ra...
Bird Brains at the Santa Fe River
Bird Brains At the Santa Fe River by Virginia Seacrist July 7, 2013 They were taking a chance from the beginning, and we notice it. I'd brought b...